What Makes Basswood Plantation Shutters an Ideal Solution for Shaped and Wide Windows

October 11, 2019

Wide or shaped windows pose a challenge when it comes to selecting attractive window treatments for them. Curtain rods may not come in the right size to hang curtains or drapes on wide windows and these treatments only cover up the architectural beauty of shaped ones. If your windows are of either one of these styles, you need to read on to learn why Basswood plantation shutters from our company, Definitive Shutters & Blinds, are the ideal solution to your dilemma.

Basswood Plantation Shutters Can Achieve Substantial Widths Easily

We will custom design these shutters to contain thicker blades and wider stiles so that we can create single shutters up to a width of 1050 mm to fit the wide windows often found in homes today. Decorate and protect wide windows with this attractive, functional option successfully and made according to your unique specifications.

These Shutters Can Be Customised to Fit Any Shape of Windows

On top of being a viable solution for wide windows, the Basswood plantation shutters can be customised with special shaped panels in order to fit triangular, raked, arched, circular and many other shapes of windows. Just tell us the shape of your windows, and we will provide you with information on our design possibilities.

They Come in Numerous Stain and Paint Colours

Our company offers 10 standard timber stain colours along with 13 standard shades of paint. On top of this, we provide colour-match services to customise paint colours upon request. All our paint and stain options create an aesthetically pleasing finish on these shutters.

Different Blade Options Are Available

You can select from flat or aerofoil-shaped blades. Both come in 63 mm, 89 mm and 114 mm. Our experts will provide you with samples, so that you can fully envision these sizes and styles.

Well-Built to Ensure Superior Strength and Durability

Our craftsmen use mortise and tenon joints in our Basswood plantation shutters to allow for an optimal gluing area to help these shutters withstand racking and shear stress and to improve their strength and durability. A tension screw is inserted into the shutter panel to help you adjust the tension of the blades. The slimline, sturdy Clearview aluminium control bar ensures a streamlined, modern unobstructed view. Also, we sand the blades multiple times to prepare them for an application of high quality stain and lacquer or paint. This process provides a surface that is UV-resistant, hard, strong and water resistant along with offering effective colour retention.

To learn additional facts about what makes our Basswood plantation shutters an ideal solution for shaped and wide windows, browse through our website or contact us via email or phone. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or meet with you in person.