Understanding the Properties of Western Red Cedar Timber Shutters

April 15, 2020

Western Red Cedar is classed as a softwood and comes from the Cypress family of trees. This type of timber originally comes from Canada. It is a medium density timber that is very lightweight and also offers the best thermal properties and insulation of all timber types. In order to maximise the potential of Western Red Cedar Timber as a shutter for your window furnishing, you need to fully understand its properties first. Below are some of them.


This timber is available in two colour ranges: light to medium (L/M) and medium to dark (M/D). Within these two colour ranges however, you will find a wide variety of tones, from milky white to chocolate brown. This means one blind or shutter can contain a variety of shades. That’s why Western Red Cedar Shutters are usually used where a very natural timber look is required. These shutters are also available in a range of paint colours, although many consider it a shame to paint over the grain of these beautiful timber red cedar shutters .

Colour Fastness

Western Red Cedar shutters are coated with a UV-stabilised lacquer, which will not yellow. However, that doesn’t stop the timber under the finish being affected by the sun. You can expect Western Red Cedar to bleach over time, but this happens gradually, depending on the level of exposure to the sun. This will give the plantation shutters or blinds a mature, aged look.


Being a very soft timber, Western Red Cedar shutters are best not be installed in high-use areas, or places where they may be bumped or knocked regularly. There is little that can be done to repair this type of damage.


Western Red Cedar is used in blinds and shutters because it is a very stable timber. Warping or bowing problems are rare.

Moisture Resistance

In its natural state, Western Red Cedar is highly moisture-resistant. However, the lacquer finish used on these shutters is designed for interior use only, so they are not recommended for wet weather areas.

Environmental Impact

The Western Red Cedar timber used for our blinds and shutters is grown primarily in plantations in Canada and North America. It is relatively slow growing, but readily available. The plantation forests are managed for sustainability, ensuring an environmentally-friendly and ongoing supply.


Add luxury and choose to have motorised plantation shutters.


Western Red Cedar Timber Shutters usually have a width of 250mm to 950mm (1080mm for fixed and sliding when coupled with 60mm stiles) and a height of 260mm to 3000mm. Heights above 1800mm require a midrail, and two midrails are required for heights above 2500mm. Their maximum panel width for double hung panels is 600mm. Western Red Cedar Timber Shutters are not recommended for use in high traffic areas, or places that are prone to be bumped or knocked regularly. There will be some natural colour, wood grain and texture variation throughout.