Three Reasons Why Plantation Shutters Will Never Go Out of Style

December 5, 2019

Plantation shutters are timeless since they have been in houses for centuries as a window furnishing that adds to the visual charm of property facades. They have a timeless look that won’t ever need to be changed. Changing drapery out with a new appearance or style can get expensive. However, plantation shutters will hold up and look great for decades. Below are three reasons why plantation shutters will never go out of style.

Increased Privacy

Plantation shutters can range from 90-115mm in size and are made up of aerofoil shaped moveable blades with blade locks available. These shutters have raked panels that can be easily fixed to the interiors of your windows. Aside from that, they can be utilised for veranda rails, decks and patios since these panels can stand on its own. However, your choices are not limited since you can choose from fixed, removable, standard hinged, double-hinged, bi-folding, or sliding options to suit your needs and lifestyle. These features allow residents to feel the breeze from outside while blocking views into their homes. If you live on a busy street, for example, closing the covers will provide the privacy needed to feel comfortable in your house. The sturdy fixtures can also help dampen outside noises.

Interior Comfort

Plantation shutters’ energy-efficient design promotes interior comfort. Plantation shutters are sized to fit your windows so there are no gaps around the outside. When you close them up, they keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Therefore, they can also offer insulation for the window while keeping the optimal control over the amount of light and temperature. So if your home is hot or humid, plantation shutters make it possible to maintain a comfortable climate. Due to its composition like wood, vinyl, or composite materials, the large slats block heat transfer from outside. When windows are open and shutters are closed, wind can filter through the slats while keeping hot sunlight to a minimum, which is particularly helpful in tropical environments. With trade winds filtering into the house, homeowners can cut back on air conditioner usage to keep energy costs low.


The durability of plantation shutter means they don’t have to be replaced, as long as they’re maintained and treated right. Most people choose plantation shutters for the long-term value they offer. A good quality custom shutter in faux-wood or real hardwood is made to last a lifetime. They will also help the belongings inside your house last longer. The fixtures prevent harsh sunlight from seeping into interiors so you won’t have to worry about ultraviolet (UV) rays fading furniture and flooring. When it rains, the treatments can also help keep moisture build-up off windows, reducing the risk of damage. Avail of plantation shutters that never go out of style from Definitive Shutters and Blinds. We will expertly design and install your plantation shutters in the best manner that will suit your needs, keeping in mind the best aesthetic result possible.