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A stylish, contemporary and versatile option, Sheer Elegance blinds provide a view through the blind, full privacy or can be fully retracted. Solid and transparent panels pass each other to create your desired effect, making it a perfect option for most rooms.

  • Sheer Elegance are double layered blinds, consisting of sheer and blockout-out or translucent fabrics, joined horizontally.
  • Block-out and sheer fabric combination – alternating between opaque fabric, to provide privacy and darkness, and a sheer fabric, this option creates a greater light block. Suggested for bedrooms and areas of higher heat/light.
  • Translucent and sheer fabric combination – alternating between translucent fabric, to allow some light to filter into your room while still providing privacy, and a sheer fabric. Suggested for living areas.
  • Operates with a cord, similar to roller blinds.
  • Features fascias/head-boxes and bottom rails in White, Ivory, Silver/grey.
  • For complete privacy, line up block-out or translucent fabrics
  • For semi-privacy, or a view through the blind, line up the sheer fabrics.
  • To take advantage of your entire view, or for the feel of complete openness, fully retract the blind into its head box.
  • You may also raise or lower the blind to your desired level, similar to a roller blind.
  • Can be fit inside the reveal or on the face of the opening.
  • Offering a 3 year warranty.