Aluminium Plantation Shutters and Privacy Screens: Ideal Solutions for Your Alfresco Needs

November 8, 2019

Alfresco is generally coined as a fancy term to describe the great outdoors. Originally from Italy’s “in the fresh air,” it is more recently used to pertain to dining outside during a fine weather. Due to relaxed and comfortable aura of eating a meal out in the open, more and more people have decided to incorporate alfresco in their lifestyle. Some do it more often than others.

With this trend came the necessity to secure their privacy while engaging out in the open. Some people just want to let in the natural light in their respective homes without the danger of prying neighbours. This led to the creation of aluminium plantation shutters and privacy screens. These are made to ensure that their homes are secured while enjoying their outdoor meals. Below are some of the reasons why aluminium plantation shutters and privacy screens are ideal solutions for your alfresco needs.


Aluminium plantation shutters and privacy screens can balance aesthetic and functionality all at the same time. They can magically transform your home while adding a tinge of class and elegance to your patios, balconies, verandas and windows. They can easily control the amount of light that enters each room while also improving insulation. Their wide range of colours is also useful especially to the varied household themes and styles nowadays. With their sleek and elegant designs, they are also considered as the most versatile material to be used as plantation shutters and privacy screens. Their composition of powder-coated aluminium with Colourbond and Interpon colours can mimic the natural look of a wood grain finish. Also, they can come in anodic, pearlescent and other custom finishes.


Aluminium plantation shutters and privacy screens can range from 90-115mm in size and are made up of aerofoil shaped moveable blades with blade locks available. These shutters have raked panels that can be easily fixed to the interiors of your windows. Aside from that, they can be utilised for veranda rails, decks and patios since these panels can stand on its own. However, your choices are not limited since you can choose from fixed, removable, standard hinged, double-hinged, bi-folding, or sliding options to suit your needs and lifestyle.

For instance, if you want an alfresco lunch while reading a book and admiring the view from your bedroom balcony, you can make use of aluminium plantation shutters with their foldable or sliding panels. In that way, you can completely shut them off by simply closing the panels and shutters.   No one would offer you a better deal when it comes to aluminium plantation shutters and privacy screens than Definitive Shutters and Blinds. We are known to design the optimal solution for furnishing any window – anywhere, any size, any shape. Given the 20 years of experience we have in the manufacturing and installation of Australia’s leading shutters and blinds, our team will expertly design and install your shutters and screens in the best manner that will suit your needs, keeping in mind the best aesthetic result possible.